Corporate and financial consulting

Publikum Korpfin's corporate and financial services include the entire spectrum of activities:
  • Modeling of investments, business plans and entire business planning;
  • Industry sector analysis (local and/or international);
  • Analysis of Investment opportunities (local and/or international);
  • Acquisition/exit strategies;
  • Identification of potential targets (local and/or international);
  • Search for strategic or financial partners (local and/or international);
  • Analysis of strategic options;
  • Market overviews, market entrance strategies;
  • Other corporate consulting in regards to capital structure, business strategy and related issues.

Mergers and acquisition (M&A)

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are the most common practice for assuring growth of companies in Slovenia and abroad.

Merger can be executed as absorption or fusion. Characteristic for absorption is the transfer of the entire company or companies to acquiring company, while characteristic for fusion is the transfer of entire company to a newly formed company. Purpose of mergers is achieving the synergy effects and multiplicative higher productivity of merged company.

We talk about company acquisitions when one company (acquiror) gains control over the target company with buying their shares. Acquisitions can be friendly or hostile. Friendly acquisition happens when management of target company agrees with the acquisition and hostile one when management opposes the acquisition.

Role of Publikum Korpfin in the procedure of mergers or acquisitions (M&A)

  • Target research and identification (locally and/or internationally)
  • Development and validation of clients strategic options
  • Target valuation
  • Preparation of complete transaction structure
  • Advice on deal negotiation – tactics, pricing, timetable, …
  • Help on Bid documentation
  • Advice and/or document preparation needed for financing
  • Supervision or execution of due diligence procedures
  • Ensuring regulatory requirements are met


Advising on some of the largest deals in the region and to the management of blue chips like e.g. :
  • Mercator
  • Petrol
  • Cimos
  • Helios
  • Lesnina
  • Telekom Slovenije
  • DrogaKolinska
  • Mladinska knjiga
  • Pekarna Grosuplje
  • Ljubljanske mlekarne
  • ETI
  • DDOR

M&A deals in the last years totalling a combined transaction value in excess of EUR 1.5bn.